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The Begining of a Legacy

On November 26, 1910 a petition containing 17 signatures was circulated for the purpose of establishing a fire district in the center of the Town of Cheektowaga known as "Fork''s, New York." Less than a year later on October 11, 1911 a meeting was called to order by Arthur Duringer who was the chairman of Fire District No 3. Following the order of business it was moved and seconded that the company would be known by the name of " Relief Hose Company of Forks, New York No 2."

The next meeting on October 18, 1911 was a very important meeting because it was at this time, only seven days later, that a motion was made that the name of the "Relief Hose Company No 2" be changed. As of November 1, 1911 the name was changed to "Forks Volunteer Hose Company No 2" of the Town of Cheektowaga.

A District of Dedication

Since the begining Forks Fire District No 3 is committed to the members of Forks Volunteer Hose Company No 2 by making sure they have the very best in equipment and training. Throughout the years advances in fire fighting and emergency medical techniques along with apparatus help us get to you faster and respond effectively.