Change Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector Batteries!

Maintaining these detectors is vital to home safety. Make sure they are working properly and have working batteries.



Fund Drive


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"Be a Hero...Save a Life!"

Forks Fire Department is dedicated to serving their community. The protect others and save lives. Every member is a hero, and you can join their ranks and become one too! We are always looking for more members to join our fine establishment. Take the call and "Be a Hero...Save a Life!" Over the past 106 years we have saved hundreds of lives. Please help us to continue our good works. Every donation you make and every new member inducted is a tremendous help. Together we can achieve greatness. We invite you along to join our journey. We also have a year round recruitment drive. We look forward to the next century as we continue to provide our residents with professional EMS and Fire Suppression Services. Thank you and stay safe!

The Forks Fire Department Annual Fund Drive is ongoing right now.  Please either mail in your donation using the self-addressed envelope left at your door or you can donate online.